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Surfing lessons
in Washington DC 

Surf the Potomac River on a natural endless wave

River Surfing Explained

20 minutes away from Georgetown exists a standing river wave perfect for learning to surf in DC or building on your surfing skills. The wave we surf in the Potomac is a naturally generated stationary river wave, it goes forever. 

We offer a fully guided and intimate experience surfing and instructing on these naturally occurring waves. 


Experience Surfing in DC


Surf DC is a 1% For the Planet member, donating 1% of all sales to Non-Profits.

How to Surf DC

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We'll meet at a beautiful location 20 minutes north of Georgetown with all of the necessary gear and safety equipment.

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We'll spend 25 minutes paddling upstream to the natural standing wave area. This is a moderate workout.

We'll surf the standing river wave and go over how to safely approach river surfing. There will be a rocky shore line to take breaks, eat snacks, and enjoy the view. We'll surf for about 2 hours before a gentle drift down river to our vehicles


Each surfing experience is unique to the intentions of those we are guiding. If you have any special requests, please let us know when calling, and we'd be happy to accommodate where we can. 

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About Surf DC

Can I really surf in Washington DC? 

Yes you can surf in Washington DC!

My name is Max. I started Surf DC.

I grew up in Virginia but spent most of my adult life in coastal towns and cities. 


When I moved back to DC, I desperately missed the connection I had to the ocean, and one day I decided to paddle my surfboard in the Potomac river. 

I was blown away by the natural beauty, and began surfing the standing river waves generated by the flow of the Potomac.

I fell in love, and after sharing this experience with friends, I decided that more people in DC deserve to experience this for themselves.


Lander Talbott

Being from a beach town, I was familiar with beach surfing, but intrigued by the thought of river surfing. Max is a professional and provided insight to every part of the experience. He guided me up and down the river, showing me the best way to approach the different waves. With his guidance I was able to stand up on my first river wave at the first spot we stopped at! Overall great day. Can’t wait to do it again.


Daniel Fishman

This was my second outing and it was even better than the first time. 2 months ago I'd never even heard of river surfing but Max is awesome at instruction and guiding you safely around the river. I'm fairly experienced with water sports and ocean surfing but river surfing is drastically different and challenging. Definitely one of the cooler activities you can do in the DC area.


Peej Paul

Max is a wealth of information and has charisma to match. His knowledge of the area as well as attitude has me desiring to work with him on many platforms. I appreciate how he safely guides you into a new comfort zone. Never knew you could surf in DC! I left excited and invigorated.


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